Strong expertise in financial services and venture capital

Eric Hagman - Non-Executive Chairman Matthew Algie and Espresso Warehouse; NXD AON UK, UBS Wealth Mgt

Toon den Heijer AC - Non-Executive Chairman AON UK, Matthew Algie, and Espresso Warehouse

Felda Hardymon - Gilde Investment Management Managing Director IT Funds; ~€500m under mgmt Partner Bessemer Venture Partners; board Endeca, Silicon Valley Bank, Vertica

Strong expertise in financial services and venture capital

Mike Alfant AC - Fusion Systems Founder; Citibank; Bankers Trust; AT&T Bell Labs

Sabeer Bhatia AC - Hotmail Founder (sold to Microsoft); Nano City Chairman; active private investor

Andrew Black AC - Betfair Founder & Non-Executive Director (IPO, 2010)

David Rowe AC - Easynet Founder & Global Services (sold to BSkyB, 2006); BSkyB B2B services

Andre Hoffman - NXD of Roche Pharmaceuticals; European M&A James Capel &Co; Nestle UK

Peter Cunningham - Founder of Input

Clive Jacobs - Founder of Holiday Autos sold to; CEO of Travel Weekly

Martin Velasco - Entrepreneur and Executive Chmn, Anecova

Chris Taylor - built and sold businesses in music and entertainment

Irwin Jacobs - Chairman of the Salk Institute and founder of Qualcomm

Nic Birtles - Ran Europe Ops for Comshare, GUPTA, Ingres (£100m revenue p.a. sold to Tipco), CEO Constellar (sold to DataMirror Corp)

John Redford AC - Broadcom Director Engineering; Element 14 founder; Acorn CTO

Jon Rubinstein - Hewlett-Packard Senior VP & GM; Palm CEO; Apple Senior VP (iPod), Amazon NXD

Nigel Wray - Domino’s Pizza, early Investor; Saracens Owner; Southern Bear Chairman

Russ Shaw - Ex-Skype NXD – Dialog Semiconductor

Wendy Williams - Northumbria Chief Crown Prosecutor - Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

AI Noor Ramji - SVP, Misys