Investment Strategy

Since 2000, Ariadne Capital has backed outstanding entrepreneurs who seek to build markets and businesses with irrepressible drive and focus. We build long-term, multi-cycle, durable relationships with determined and courageous men and women who are leaders and strong operators of businesses.
Informed by our global network, Ariadne Capital is an early believer. We have backed very early in their histories – whether as advisors or investors – the management teams of:


  • Espotting – which was the first player globally to have the pay per click business model at scale
  • Skype – in which 4 Ariadne team led early business development work in 2004
  • Monitise – one of the fastest growing firms in the UK – since 2004
  • SpinVox – which secured 33 mobile operator deals in voice to text – from 2006
  • BeatThatQuote – which was early to see the value of giving users an economic value for their data, and which Ariadne were the sole financial advisor to them on their sale to Google for a 122 EBITDA multiple in 2011
  • And many more


We work to earn the trust of the entrepreneurs and management teams that we back. In the best cases, they would call us their confidants. It is always the goal.


Ariadne Capital is a team with a multi-disciplinary set of skills from Product, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Research, Editorial and Talent Placement, plus the vertical market expertise that our Senior Advisors bring. We organise the delivery of our knowledge and networks to our clients and portfolio companies in what we call – the Ariadne Capital Bearhug.


We have learned from the entrepreneurs that we have backed as they have fearlessly created new markets and shaped global industries. The world is driven by networks, and the winners are those who create the business model for the ecosystem in which they operate. We call this Ecosystem Economics™, and this has been written about in WELCOME TO ENTREPRENEUR COUNTRY – Julie Meyer’s first book and in the Ecosystem Economics White Paper.


We believe that technology is no longer an industry but a layer. To any industry that we consider investing in, we look at how technology and digital business models will transform it. We back both the digital enablers – typically fast-growing, young businesses, who bring the ability to exploit Ecosystem Economics to big and established businesses, as well as advise larger enterprises who are seeking to open themselves up to become open enterprise platforms, and offer the digital enablers the distribution, scale and reach they require to achieve their visions.


It may take a decade for a management team to build a market-leading position, but we do everything in our power to accelerate their growth and impact by partnering with them closely.